6 Weeks Out!

Day One, Week Eight of My Twelve Week Cut for My First Figure Competition.

I can’t believe I only have six weeks to go! I feel like EVERYTHING counts right now (every lift, every bite of food, every hour of sleep)! Not that it didn’t before. It’s just that being this close makes you hyper aware of everything. When you’re 20 weeks out you’re like, “One extra tablespoon of peanut butter isn’t going to hurt. In fact, it might help at that point!” But now I’m like, “Oh shit, I chewed a piece of gum! I think I can make up for that by subtracting 2 g worth of dressing off my salad tonight!”

I can’t tell you how much it has helped me having Ben cut with me! It’s always easier knowing that someone else knows exactly how you feel and can relate when it gets tough.


On Tuesday (April 25th) I cut to 1675 calories/day.

My daily macro goals are:

168 g Protein

105 g Carbohydrates

65 g Fat


5’4″ Tall

Latest Body Fat Measurement: 16.6%

Daily Weight/Weekly Average Weight:

Looks like the cut is beginning to show up on my scale. I’m beginning to feel and see it!
Juliana Walters body comp April 27th 2017

I’m not focused in on my body fat score because it’s showing a higher number than my last measurement but I can literally see progress in my legs. Scarlet will continue to take measurements every week, or so, but the way I look will obviously be the most accurate measurement.

I’m always curious how my back looks. I had Ben take this video so I could see it. I’ve heard lats are a big deal in a figure competition;)

Loving and trusting this process!

PB&J Protein Waffles

I’m excited to have found a protein powder that makes my protein waffles taste like “the real deal!” It’s TRIPharm Gourmet Protein: Time Release Protein (I used Vanilla Swirl).  And if you live in the Idaho Falls/Ammon area you can find it at Ripp’d Nutrition.

dinner salad

Look closely. I added avocado! I ♥ avocado! Fat is up and carbs are down!

egg salad on rice cakes

Egg salad! Perfect for prep!

salted caramel protein blonde

Can’t get enough of these one bowl protein powder cakes.  There are a million different recipes for them. I’ll be posting on on my food blog soon!

Juliana Walters legs 4-28-2017

I’m really happy with the way my legs are coming in.  I always get a little nervous for leg day with Scarlet because I know it’s going to be HARD!!! But, it’s really starting to pay off! She really knows what she’s doing!

My current (next week) workout schedule (April 29th – May 5th):

Saturday: Indoor Cycling (teach) + Posing Practice

Sunday: Weight Training at the GYM (lifting)-back/shoulders/abs/glutes/chest

Monday: Group Power (teach)

Tuesday: Weight Training with Scarlet (lifting-shoulders/back/biceps/triceps)

Wednesday: Group Power (teach)

Thursday: Weight Training with Scarlet (lifting-legs)

Friday: Boxing

This post was only 1 day late! Let’s see if I can stay on track now. Have a wonderful week!


  1. Looking good woman! Proud of you for pushing hard!

    1. Walters says:

      Thank You, Shante!!!

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