I Need a Goal

Clearly I need a concrete, physical goal.

I was supposed to reevaluate my macros on the 16th of October but I obviously couldn’t think of a good enough reason to stick with my macros on Saturdays and Sundays so nothing changed in that 28 days. I didn’t gain, but, I didn’t lose either.

So I’m setting a concrete goal as of today. I’m going to compete in the 2018 NPC Southern Idaho Showdown. It’s the show I was going to compete in two weeks after my first show on June 24th 2017.

Next year they are having it on May 26th. So, as of today, I’m 30 weeks out!

For the next 4 weeks I’m going to do a mildly aggressive cut, just to get this “show” on the road! Then I will reevaluate (FOR REAL)!

For the next 4 weeks I’m setting my calories at 1732. That places me in a calorie deficit of 500 calories per day since my RMR is at 2232 calories per day. At minus 500 calories per day that will put me in a 3500 calorie per week deficit. Which should translate into a 1 lb. fat loss per week. I’m planning to get to burn another 2000 to 3500 calories per week working out. All of this should translate to a 1 to 2 lb (per week) loss.

I’ve set my macronutrients at 35% Protein = 152 g, 40% Carbohydrates = 173 g, and 25% Fats = 48 g.

I will post my daily food journals, a weekly weight update, monthly body fat tests, and progress pics!

Here we go!