When it Comes to Your Body and What You Eat, “What’s Normal?”

“One eating method will not work for everyone, and this is why your friend or co-worker may achieve great results from a diet, but you don’t. The solution is clear: you must be your own guru. You must find what will work for you.”  -Nia Shanks

I’ve started posting my food journal again.  I’m not posting it as a guide for what anyone else should or shouldn’t eat. I’m throwing it out there to show you an example of “a diet.” “A diet that works for me.”

I eat a variety of foods that I enjoy within the bounds of a set amount of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The amounts I’ve set for each of these macronutrients are based on my personal goals.

I just read an excellent article on diet. It’s, “Why that Diet Didn’t Work” by Nia Shanks. It sums up EXACTLY how I feel about “diet!”

I will continue to write about the way I eat, my physical activities, and my goals. Because, this information may help someone else develop their own physical goals and way of eating.

That’s how I came up with mine. I read A LOT of articles, blog posts, and books about diet until I finally came up with a way of eating that works for me. I’m aware that my diet isn’t perfect. And, I’m aware that my diet is something that will evolve as I age and progress throughout the rest of my life. I’m fortunate that “diet” utterly fascinates me.